Pastor's Biography

Pastor Edgar L. Thomas has been serving in the ministerial capacity for over 18 years along with his lovely wife Marvette. They have been married 25 years and love to cruise. They’re vision for Greater St. Mark Baptist Church and the surrounding areas is to bring restoration, reconciliation, and revival to the local community of believers to bring about effective successful evangelism. The church is located at 13590 Dunn St. in Walker, Louisiana. We are in the heart of our community. This unique location has allowed us the unique opportunity to implement the spiritually ambitious vision Pastor Thomas has for the body of Christ, which is to equip the saints of God to deal with the physical mental material, social, spiritual and moral needs of the whole man. This bold vision emerged from Luke 4:18-19. In their extensive travel to conferences, workshops and seminars, locally and abroad, Pastor and first lady Thomas have gained valuable knowledge which has enhanced the ministry over the years. The objective of the ministry has been to perfect the saints through progressive knowledge of God’s word, to enable us to better do the work of the ministry.