Our Vision

At Greater St. Mark Baptist Church We Aim: 

  • To teach and preach the uncompromising Word of God’s Kingdom
  • To feed God’s people with knowledge 
  • To unify the body of Christ
  • To make disciples and develop leaders
  • To develop people to spiritual maturity through prayer, Bible studies, worship, seminars, retreats and conferences
  • To develop educational classes for those who have not completed high school
  • To develop rehabilitation classes for drug addicts and alcoholics
  • To feed and clothe the naked
  • To make GSMBC a place of prayer, worship, education, restoration and healing; a church capable of dealing with the whole man - spiritually, souly, physically, mentally, and morally - equipping him for the realities of life
  • To build a ministry of excellence where the lost, hurting, depressed, and frustrated can find the love of God - their help, their hope, their guidance and their encouragement

 Pastor Edgar L. Thomas